Pada dasarnya, Topik Tugas Akhir merupakan Substansi Komprehensif Pembelajaran Jenjang
Sarjana. Namun, setiap Topik Tugas Akhir memiliki fokus pada salah satu pengetahuan desain. Jadi, dalam KTA 2020 ini, Kategori Materi Karya Tugas Akhir didasarkan pada Topik Pengetahuan Desain (sesuai UIA Accord) sebagai berikut:

1. Design Studies

  • Design Theory and Method

  • Design Procedure and Process

  • Design Precedent and Architectural Criticism


2. Social Studies

  • Needs of Society Clients, User

  • Brief of Needs, Context, Function

  • Ergonomic, Access, Equity

  • Codes, Stand Regulation

  • Architecture and Ethics, Politics, Philosophy

3. Technical Studies

  • Structure, Material, Construction

  • Building Services

  • Innovative Building Techniques

  • Technical Process and Integration

  • Document Specifications and Cost


4. Environmental Studies

  • Natural System/Ecology

  • Conservation and Waste Management

  • Sustainable Energy, Passive Systems

  • Resources and Landscape Plan, Urban Design

  • Natural Systems and Disaster Management

5. Cultural and Artistic Studies

  • Historical, Cultural, Precedent (local, world)

  • Architecture and Fine Arts

  • Heritage Issues

  • Architecture and Other Creative Disciplines

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