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Presenting Participants (early bird)      

   • Students            Rp 1.300.000

   • Non-Students    Rp 2.300.000

Presenting Participants        
   • Students            Rp 1.750.000
   • Non-Students    Rp 2.750.000

Second author and so on  Rp 100.000          

Non presenting Participants     

  • Students            Rp 100.000   

  • Non-Students    Rp 250.000


Presenting Participants (early bird)        
   • Students           150 USD
   • Non-Students    250 USD


Presenting Participants           

   • Students            200 USD   

   • Non-Students    300 USD

Second author and so on  10 USD   

Non presenting Participants           

  • Students            10 USD   

  • Non-Students     25 USD

Payments can be made by bank transfer in rupiah (IDR) for Indonesian participants/presenters and dollar (USD) for international participants/presenters. Please carefully check which conference fee that applies to you.

Bank Details:
Bank BNI - Cabang ITS 

Swift Code:

Virtual Account Code: 

Virtual Account Name:

Senvar ARDC 2021

 If you have done the transfer process, please confirm your payment on the link below:

Should you have any questions, regarding the payment/confirmation process, please get in touch with the number below via Whatsapp

+62 816-5408-620

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